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State Nature Biosphere Reserve "Commander» - the largest marine reserves in Russia. The area of ​​its protected sea area of ​​more than 3 million hectares - the same territory occupies, for example, Belgium. The reserve is located on the Commander Islands and adjacent waters in the North Pacific Ocean, near the Kamchatka Peninsula. Green hills, sand dunes, open spaces, covered with a carpet of tundra, the stormy waters of the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, fountains whales, thousands of bird colonies and huge rookery of fur seals and sea lions - all this natural wealth Commander, who carefully preserved in its original form thanks to the work of the reserve .

Preserve "Commander» - the only place in the country where each year are held year-round, and monitoring of cetaceans. Local water is a critical habitat for whales, there were recorded more than 20 species of these amazing marine giants. The reserve is also being studied and protected by many other types of animals, including pinnipeds, seabirds, sea otters, foxes island shape. Also we can see rare species of plants, among which are included in the Red Book of Russia and shoes Yatabe macranthon, polushnik marine and other.

The main tasks of the directorates (administrations) state nature reserves established in the Federal Law of March 14, 1995 № 33-FZ "On specially protected natural territories».

call the law reserves to the tasks assigned:

  • the implementation of the protection of natural areas for the conservation of biological diversity and to maintain the natural state of protected natural complexes and objects;
  • the organization and conduct of scientific research, including management of the Chronicle of Nature;
  • Environmental education and the development of cultural tourism;
  • assist in the training of scientists and experts in the field of environmental protection.

    In addition to the statutory list of biosphere reserves, including "Commander", is assigned the task of organizing a sustainable, not unsustainable environmental management.

Type of work:

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