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Monument to AV Wisniewski


Monument to Alexander Vasilyevich Wisniewski installed in Moscow at the Grand Serpukhov street in front of the Institute of Surgery. Vishnevsky in 1951. The monument has the form of a bronze seated figure on a granite pedestal. The author of the monument is sculptor and ST Konenkov who in his characteristic manner of genre portrayed the doctor as if in the end of the complex, hours of operation: he's wearing a medical gown and apron, sleeves rolled up, his hands wearily dropped to his knees. His face - calm and concentration. The pedestal of Finnish grubootesannyh blocks of red granite resting on a plinth made of black labradorite. On the front side of the pedestal is placed a rectangular bronze plaque with embossed text: "Alexander Vishnevsky. 1874-1948. " The height of the pedestal is 5 m 36 cm, height of sculpture - 1m 2cm. The monument has the status of an object of cultural heritage of federal importance.

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