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About Tsaritsyno goes a lot of mysterious stories and even horror stories: and the people there allegedly disappeared, and hairy men are operating, and Catherine the Great did not want to somehow finish building here his residence, and even then some solid geopathic zones with unexplained emissions energy and poltergeists . True or not, no one has really knows, but the Muscovites doggedly continue to spend their weekends in the beautiful palace walls, ponds and pine trees with hand proteins.

The park is really very beautiful. Right at the main entrance - an island connected to the "mainland" patterned bridges, and on it - a large musical fountain with colored lights. Luxurious red and white Big Tsaritsyno Palace built just two of the architect - Vasily Bazhenov (his Catherine the project did not like) and Matvey Kazakov (until the completion of the Empress did not live, as a result of the construction was frozen, and construction for many years simply stood and dilapidated before the reconstruction, which Luzhkov started). Now the palace shines svezheotrestavrirovannoy beauty, inside are Tsaritsyno museum, exhibition and concert halls. Chamber and classical music sounds and in the Middle palace - two-story Opera House. The local church of the Virgin nice that with her for many years lived a famous healer and soothsayer St. Matrona of Moscow.

In Tsaritsyno many other attractions such as gazebos "Temple of Ceres" Big bridge across the ravine and arches on a tiny island called Rusalkina gates. According to local ponds, you can ride on a boat rented on the dock and in the forest zone - feed nimble squirrels, which do not give up bread and nuts. .

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