Meet the reserves! Days of protected areas in the Darwin Museum in February

06 февраля 2017

From 19 to 26 February at the site of the Darwin Museum to host Days of Russian reserves in Moscow. The guests will be "Commander", "Kronotsky", "Sikhote-Alin" reserves, atakzhe National Park "Curonian Spit". Recall that in 2017 declared the Year of Ecology, in its framework across the country are protected classes and other activities that acquaint Russians with the wild flora and fauna of the vast country.

The list of participants is formed, we invite groups of reserves to take part in the event at the site of the Darwin Museum! This is a great chance to introduce numerous visitors with a unique wealth of their territories. We are pleased to invite all citizens and guests of the capital - the pristine nature lovers.

We sincerely hope that what you have seen and heard will encourage our members to join a large group of socially responsible tourists, and see for himself.

February 19

Reserves "Commander" and "Kronotsky" from 12.00 to 16.00


1.Pokaz short films, presentation of reserves.

2. Lecture "Marine mammals of the reserve" Commander "at 14.00

3.Interaktivnaya game program.


5.Master classes: "populate marine area"; Painting magnets in the form of marine mammals in different techniques; production of masks "Kalana"; cards with cetaceans with their hands; weaving "kit of beads"; painted shell in the form of marine life.

5.Sborka floor puzzle "Rookery" from the story of pinnipeds and cetaceans.

February 25

National Park "Curonian Spit" from 12.00-16.00

  1. The lecture-presentation "Marine mammals of the Baltic Sea».
  2. Interactive Game
  3. Workshops: painting wooden seals; painted on the rocks; create a seal of tissue.

    February 26

    Reserve "Sikhote-Alin" from 12.00-16.00

    1.Presentation Reserve, the story of the spotted seal Largo.

    2. A small quiz on the basis of the presentation with the presentation of souvenirs reserve.

    3. Workshops: painting on ceramics "Create your Largo"; origami "Larga"; paperkraft (paper model).

    Photos attached, if necessary, even let me know. Larga- Sikhote-Alin; Baltic seal-the Curonian Spit; Gorbach, sea otter, sivuch- Commander (last three pictures in another letter).

    Photo by: Commander's Reserve

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