Boss “Moose Island”, a monument at the NRU MSUCE

06 февраля 2017

In Tatyana's Day, January 25, in the territory of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering came elk. And although he is not real, but from a special alloy - it is very awaited, and to his "visit" is ready. Now, the university has an informal, very recognizable character, and all the inhabitants of the area - a reminder that in some beautiful place they live. It should be noted that elk have put the university is no accident - it is very close to "Elk Island" National Park. Old-timers say that before the moose are often left on the territory of the university, and often they can be seen at the end of winter - hunger drove them there, where they are fed regularly .

Fortunately, even in a noisy metropolis, there are places where people can get in touch with nature, but this contact must be careful. The new symbol of the university and recalls that, too.

Elk are not installed on a pedestal - the new owner of the territory can freely come and rub the ear or nose - always - good luck !

Photo: Vyacheslav Korotihin